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I am Marco, I am a photographer, a filmmaker, and a graphic designer. 


Based in brussels, i work everywhere in Belgium, France and more generally worldwide...
actually anywhere you are willing to take us, me and my cameras !


I am not a talkative person, and i don’t like putting words on my pictures, I express myself through my camera’s lens, trying to capture and render people’s memories with fidelity.


…But one has to introduce himself, isn’t it?


I grew up in Nice, in southern France, and spent long years in Paris, working as a project manager and graphic designer within a graphic and motion design agency.


In 2009, I decided to turn my passion into a full time activity. 


I am now a photographer specialised in weddings and events, portraying lovers, immortalising your best parties, and capturing happy people’s happiness! I love my job!

The trust you put in me when you appoint me as the photographer of your « D-day » is a great source of motivation. I really enjoy the thrills of anticipation, improvisation, and instantaneity that the capture of all this lovely little moments requires, all with a fresh and quirky prospective…

It is, however, an intense exercise, where every shot is different from the last : a succession of details, of furtive instants for me to catch. A good photo fades as swiftly as it appears: within the span of a second, while there are no rehearsals nor replay on this day… 


A place where everything gather and form the frame for beautiful pictures to be shot, for ravishing stories to be told, a day full of smiles and surprises, a day for which i would love to be your photographer, wether it is a wedding, a birth, a baptism, a family portrait, or a birthday…


We will, of course, meet long before date, to get to know each other and assess your expectations, for me to get the best of your dreams and put it in my work.

Contact me !

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